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Kenya Professional Realtors Association (KPRA), incorporated in 2013, is a professional organization for Real Estate professionals who sell, buy and manage

Real Estate property and businesses. KPRA provides a variety of services to its members including; education, training, certification, affinity programs and

legislative representation, as well as membership in local and regional associations affiliated with KPRA.

• To be the collective force influencing and shaping the real estate industry.
• To be the leading advocate of the right to own, use and transfer real property.
• To be the acknowledged leader in developing standards for efficient, effective and ethical real estate business practices and valued by highly skilled real estate professionals and brokerage services utilizing internationally accepted business practices.
• To work on behalf of Kenyan property owners, K.P.R.A provides a facility for professional, development, research and exchange of information among its members and to the public and government for the purpose of preserving the free enterprise system and transfer real property.
• To create training and certification for its members, offer networking opportunity to its members and valued affiliates or vendors in related services.
• To cooperate and work with other government agencies in bringing order and improving the Real Estate industry.

The core purpose of K.P.R.A is advancing real estate professional services by way of promoting its members through training, certification and professional designation.

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Associate Membership

This is recommended for anyone who has interest in joining the realtor (Real Estate agent) profession.

Professional Membership

A realtor with years of experience. Certification course may be required.

Broker Membership

Business owner should have employed a certified Associate Realtor or Professional Realtor.

Corporate Membership

Business/ Industry player who’s a service provider of the Real Estate Industry.

Affiliate Membership

These are service providers of the Real Estate Industry, who are our sponsors or partners.

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