Training Invitation

Training will commence on the 19th February 2022, Saturday morning 9:00 am to 11:00 am This will be an online session. The key focus on this Real Estate Training WORKSHOP is a practical and comprehensive overview of the real estate industry principals and practice for those wishing to advance both their knowledge and careers in Real Estate Industry.

The course outline is as follows:

Level I- Real Estate Principles and Practice Overview.

Section 1: Introduction to Real Estate.

  • What is Real Estate?
  • The Nature and cycle of Real Estate
  • Overview of Real Estate careers.

Section 2: General Real Estate Principles and Practice.                         

  • Home ownership.
  • Real Estate sales and Marketing.
  • Real Estate Property Disclosure.

Section 3: Real Estate Agency.

  • Property Listing.
  • Advertising & Merchandising.
  • Multiple Listing Services, Global Linkages and Partnerships.

Level II- Finance and Mortgage Origination.

Section 4: Real Estate Contracts and Finance Documents.

  • General Disclosures.
  • Purchase and Sales Agreement.
  • Residential and Commercial lease.
  • Addendums and other disclosures.
  • Finance and mortgage origination process.

Section 5: Real Estate Finance and Lending Practice Overview.

Level III- Appraisal and Marketing Analysis

Section 6: Real Estate Appraisal and Property Marketing Analysis.

Section 7: Real Estate Brokerage and Franchise Opportunities.

Level IV- Real Estate Law and Ethics Overview

Section 8: Property Management and Maintenance.

Section 9: Introduction to Commercial and Retail Business include Franchising Overview.

Section 10: Corporate Governance and Leadership Skills.

Level V- Entrepreneurship and Investments

Section 11: Investment and Partnerships in Real Estate

Section 12: Introduction to Real Estate

Entrepreneurship and Business   Development                                  

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Building your book of business
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities

Section 13: Code of ethics and integrity

Section 14: Affordable Housing Initiatives                                                    

  • Real Estate Investment Overview
  • Personal finance
  • Access to credit

Please note that this course can be payable in installments

To pay through the bank

Kenya Professional Realtors Association ACC# 1400260925860


Westlands Branch


To pay by M-pesa

Pay Bill Number: 614090

Acc Number/Name:- Corporate name/ Your name